Golden Time for Sewol Ferry – There was no state

2014년 08월 05일 14시 16분


뉴스타파는 세월호 침몰 이후 3일, 이른바 ‘골든 타임’ 72시간을 다룬 다큐멘터리 ‘세월호 골든타임, 국가는 없었다(Golden Time for Sewol Ferry - There was no state)’ 영문판을 공개합니다.

이 다큐멘터리는 세월호 참사 100일째이던 지난 7월 24일 뉴스타파 홈페이지유튜브 등에 업로드돼 현재 많은 시청자들의 공감 속에 확산되고 있습니다.

‘세월호 골든타임, 국가는 없었다’는 세월호 가족대책위원회와 독립 PD들로 구성된 4.16기록단, 그리고 뉴스타파가 공동제작했고, 이번 영문판 자막 작업은 이나영 씨가 담당했습니다.

This is a documentary about South Korea's Sewol ferry disaster with English subtitles.

72 hours after the sinking of the Sewol ferry on April 16, 2014. What did the South Korean government do during this period called 'Golden Tme' to rescue lives?

In order to answer such question, the documentary, "Golden Time for Sewol Ferry - There was no state," was made by Newstapa based on videos that frankly recorded the disaster site and testimonies that have not been disclosed.

The documentary, produced in cooperation with the Sewol Ferry Victims' Families Committee and a group of independent producers who record the truth about the ferry disaster, tries to show how more than 300 lives could not be rescued and therefore were lost.

And it questions if the incompetent, irresponsible attitude of the government that was shown during the “Golden Time” has changed when it comes to investigating the ferry disaster.

It also raises the need for a special law that supplements the limitations of the existing system as investigations into the ferry disaster have not produced proper outcomes after 100 days have passed since the accident.